Buwan: Hunyo 2013

Rainy Days and Saturdays

I am making a journey towards a future goal. Not an end, but a goal. All the classes I take, the degrees I finish, the organizations I join, the movements I support- all contribute to my eventually reaching that goal.

Mojofly – Mata

“‘Wag nang paikutin ang isa’t isa
Lahat ng bagay ay malinaw na
Di na rin kailangang ipagpilitan pa
Di mo na kinakailangan pang magsalita…”

Alaala. Sakit. Pighati. Pagbangon.


Artist: Mojofly


Members (before the band was renamed “DeLara”) :
Lougee Basabas
Ace Evangelista
Ali Alejandro
Richard Carandang

Past members:
Kitchie Nadal
Ricci Gurango
Rann Golamco
Allan Elgar
Junjun Regalado

Rivermaya – 214



One of the wonders of this blog is that apart from sharing music I like, I also get to share other people’s favorite OPM songs. A lot of editing was done for the blog today. And as I look back to previous posts, I remember the people who suggested that I share those songs and I unconsciously take a trip down memory lane. It’s magical.

This song was suggested by a friend I haven’t talked to for a while, shared while having dinner with other friends in our usual fastfood chain. Moments usually taken for granted, memories captured in a song, feelings only the four people part of that conversation will understand.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure this song would spark some wonderful memories and feelings for those who’ve listened to it before, or those who still have it in their playlist. (I’m definitely adding it to mine after this post.) Fans of Rivermaya from Rico to Bamboo to Jason and even up to now.

I chose Rico’s version. Because Rico is awesome. (Subjectively speaking.)

“The world would die and everything may lie
Still you shouldn’t cry
‘Cause time may pass
But longer than it’ll last
I’ll be by your side…”


Artist: Rivermaya


Past Members:
Rico Blanco
Bamboo Mañalac
Nathan Azarcon
Perfecto de Castro
Kakoy Legaspi
Jayson Fernandez
Japs Sergio

Current Line-up:
Mike Elgar – vocals, guitar
Mark Escueta – vocals, guitar, percussion
Norby David – vocals, bass
Ryan Peralta – drums


Sugarfree- Makita Kang Muli

“Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pag-ibig
Maghintay ka lamang ako’y darating..”

Makita Kang Muli

OST- Ang Panday (ABS-CBN)

Artist: Sugarfree (Ebe Dancel (vocals/guitars), Jal Taguibao (bass/back-up vocals) and Kaka Quisimbing (drums) )

This is the best Sugarfree music stream I can find with the absence of FB accounts and whatnot since the band disbanded in 2011.


The band’s vocalist, Ebe Dancel, currently leads a solo career.



Also, last April, ‘Sa Wakas, A New Pinoy Rock Musical’ featuring the songs of Sugarfree was staged in PETA. Maybe I’ll write about it soon. In the mean time, here’s their Facebook page:


Hello June

It hurts when people, especially my friends, cringe when I mention the word “OPM.” They start thinking, “Oh here we go again…”

I get it, I can’t just persuade people to love the same things that I do, but to listen to me talking about something that keeps me alive, even for a couple of minutes… is it really that hard?

I know, I know. My bad. I’m sorry. I guess it’s my responsibility to find the right people whom I can talk to when I want to “babble” about OPM stuff. It’s just… there aren’t many.

Anyway, like I said. I love OPM. I love our local music. And I will continue loving it and supporting it and uplifting it and babbling about it and sharing the music. Because. I. Want. To. Even when no one wants to listen anymore.

So hello there, it’s June 1 and it’s been months since the last time I blogged. I’ll try my best to get back on blogging- sharing music and writing about random stuff. Writing keeps me alive. More than ever. (Well, along with a lot of things.) Most probably, I won’t be able to make it a daily habit, or even weekly. But I will be here, writing.

Not expecting anyone to be reading. But still writing.

Jensen Gomez- Umpisa

Oh hello there, June. 🙂

Hindi ko man kayang bumalik sa umpisa, kaya kong magsimula ng panibago. Tungo sa mas magaganda pang mga bagay na naghihintay.



“Mangangarap na lamang ba na mahagkan ka…
O may pag-asa pa na bumalik tayo sa umpisa?”


Artist: Jensen Gomez