Rivermaya – 214



One of the wonders of this blog is that apart from sharing music I like, I also get to share other people’s favorite OPM songs. A lot of editing was done for the blog today. And as I look back to previous posts, I remember the people who suggested that I share those songs and I unconsciously take a trip down memory lane. It’s magical.

This song was suggested by a friend I haven’t talked to for a while, shared while having dinner with other friends in our usual fastfood chain. Moments usually taken for granted, memories captured in a song, feelings only the four people part of that conversation will understand.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure this song would spark some wonderful memories and feelings for those who’ve listened to it before, or those who still have it in their playlist. (I’m definitely adding it to mine after this post.) Fans of Rivermaya from Rico to Bamboo to Jason and even up to now.

I chose Rico’s version. Because Rico is awesome. (Subjectively speaking.)

“The world would die and everything may lie
Still you shouldn’t cry
‘Cause time may pass
But longer than it’ll last
I’ll be by your side…”


Artist: Rivermaya


Past Members:
Rico Blanco
Bamboo Mañalac
Nathan Azarcon
Perfecto de Castro
Kakoy Legaspi
Jayson Fernandez
Japs Sergio

Current Line-up:
Mike Elgar – vocals, guitar
Mark Escueta – vocals, guitar, percussion
Norby David – vocals, bass
Ryan Peralta – drums


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