Rainy Days and Saturdays

I am making a journey towards a future goal. Not an end, but a goal. All the classes I take, the degrees I finish, the organizations I join, the movements I support- all contribute to my eventually reaching that goal.

All the things I do for those classes, the requirements I cram, the groups I’m part of. All the org activities and events I organize and/or attend, the files I arrange, the connections I make. The performances I watch, the gatherings I go to. Yes, even the spontaneous decisions I make.

The friendships I make, the people I learn to love for all the good and bad in them. The people I meet, the people I remember, the people I forget. The people whose lives I somehow touch, and the people who forget who I am.

Although life may be complicated and wibbley-wobbley-timey-wimey, having a goal somehow keeps you quite intact no matter how broken you may be. Like broken pieces of a glass frame held together by super glue (I was never good with metaphors).

Broken but intact. Diverse but complete. Patched but whole.

I hate being sick. Makes me think about life and stuff (during Finance class).

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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