Locked Out at Wombworks II- Something to Look Out For

by Rhea Leorag

If you’ve been lingering around Soundcloud lately, you might have heard of this 30-minute set recorded when a certain band’s vocalist, armed with a mic and a guitar, was left alone in Wombworks Studio, Marikina. If you haven’t, you should probably try and go looking for it. Or not.

In this set, called “Locked Out at Wombworks,” Roberto Seña, vocalist of rock band She’s Only Sixteen, sings a few of their band’s songs as well as samples of what will be included in their upcoming album.


She’s Only Sixteen is one of the newest additions to Universal Records’ band roster under Orion Entertainment. With a new sound mainly influenced by Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, this five-piece band composed of Roberto Seña, Andrew Panopio, Anjo Silvoza and King Punetespina dubs their music as Garage Rock.

They released a self-titled EP September of last year, and have been doing various gigs and shows since. Their recent big stint was playing for the music festival Wanderland 2013.

According to Andrew, after the release of their second music video for the song “Amygdala” last April, the band has been pretty neutral. “Admittedly, we didn’t receive as much feedback on the music video as Dying To Meet You did so we’re finding different ways to make ourselves known and put our stuff out there.”

Then Seña, the band’s vocalist, came up with the idea of doing a live video showing the band playing their favorite live songs from their setlist. “It’ll definitely show a side of us that most people don’t see, mostly because we’re much more different sounding from the CD when we play live,” Andrew relates.

Last June 22, they finally set on shooting these live sessions. Videographers and friends of the band came to help and support. “Miguel Feria, Jorel Lising, Kim Alcoreza, Lorraine Sandel, and Deej Fabian shot us with each of them directing one song each. Karen, Patis, Pat, and the band were there and we liked to keep a really lax vibe in the studio, we had a few drinks and lots of food. In-between each song, we took a break, messed around, and just really relaxed. When it came to the songs, we gave our heart out and our best performances imaginable,” shares Andrew.

Wombworks Studios holds a special place in their hearts. For Andrew, “We recorded our EP here and we’ve spent a lot of time in this studio so the place means a lot to us.” “It’s also where we love to take a swim and just drown in with amazing music and people,” adds King, the band’s drummer.

The project, currently unofficially called “Locked Out At Wombworks II,” does not yet have a specific release date as they are just starting with the editing process.

She’s Only Sixteen is also set to release their debut album under Universal Records near the end of this year.

Check out She’s Only Sixteen through these links!


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