Beyond the Great Wall

by Rhea Leorag

Imelda has been around for more or less three years in the independent music scene. They have competed in band battles, played in various gigs and shows, and within the past six months have released a couple of singles. Now it’s time for Jam Pascual, Diego Manzano, Miguel Feria, Vincci Santiago and Nash Ignacio to take the next step, with their EP set to be released in September.

Jam, the band’s vocalist, labels Imelda’s music as “hard rock.” “[Although] I use that term as loosely as possible. We’re blues-inclined. I think the stuff we play kind of sounds like Audioslave, Soundgarden, Dead Sara, Velvet Revolver,” he explains.

They’ve released two songs through their Soundcloud account, namely Douchebag and more recently, a re-recording of Great Wall. Both of these tracks have been featured in Radio Republic’s Daily Track (

Jam writes the lyrics while the rest of the band takes care of the composition. On writing Douchebag, he shares, “When I wrote Douchebag, I had specific people in mind, whose names I won’t mention. It’s basically directed at people who think they’re cool and trying to make themselves look cool by puffing themselves up at the expense of others.”

On making the EP

“Regarding the EP, we still haven’t done much. We still have to fix the other songs we’ve already recorded and we have to record “Isabela” pa. We’re pretty much behind-schedule also. Photos, cd label, logos, cover art, everything’s delayed but we’re getting to it. It should be done by the end of August,” shares Diego, the band’s bass player.

As for pegs, Jam admits that they don’t really have a certain cohesive unit for the songs to be included in the EP. “I guess we’ve always tried to emulate our influences but we don’t have a specific model for how the EP should be. We’re still planning cover design, among other things. We have no peg. We’re just doing what feels right, corny as that sounds.”

Jam sees the making of the EP as a major undertaking for the band. “[For me], our most recent milestone is the recording process, still ongoing. “I think this is the first time a lot of us have committed to this kind of project. The bands we’ve been in before (save for Nash) never got this far, so I’m glad we’re actually working on an EP.”

Looking Forward

With their EP in the works and gigs continually coming, Diego looks forward to more amazing things for the band in the near future. “I dream big so I’d like to believe that we’ll get bigger gigs and maybe get to play outside of the country as well. Festivals, more gigs. Well, I’m looking forward to new songs, getting started on the album and more gigs and recognition!”

King Puentespina, drummer of She’s Only Sixteen, used to play for Imelda. Their current drummer, Nash, also plays for Nanay Mo.

Also check out Imelda through these links!

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