On Extroversion

Do you realize how hard it is to be an extrovert? You depend on other people for approval on the things you do, you depend on their company for happiness. You can’t survive for so long without social interaction. This is an extreme case of course, but you get a dose of these things here and there.

You do not want to be reminded that you are alone, so you always want to keep yourself preoccupied to the point of exhaustion. And when you’re really really tired, you sit in a corner, hug a pillow and cry.

You care too much for what other people think, for how they feel. You always want to help out. You feel fulfilled whenever you are able to make someone else happy. You think this is the true meaning of happiness.

But as you sit there in your corner, crying your heart out and not knowing what to think about anymore, you question what it really is that makes you happy. And then you realize that you probably haven’t found it yet. Or maybe you have, but you are not able to prioritize it because you care about other people too much.

You admit you have a problem. It’s why you’re crying now. But as you sit in that corner, headphones on, trying to, even just for a while, shut the world out, something deep inside you still cares for the conversations going on, wondering if they’re talking about you.

They say that people who care so much about other people are the saddest. Maybe it’s true. And maybe it’s also true that they are the ones who look for concern more than everybody else.

And for them, the hardest thing to admit is that other people’s lives will go on without them. That in the end, they are just one of the many, unimportant, unnecessary.

Try not to judge them. And as much as possible, try to be there for them. Not all the time, just as much as you can or want to. They do not seek to be everybody’s friend or for everyone to approve what they do all the time.

They just want to be happy.

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