We Learn Everyday

Allow me to share something I learned from a friend last night, combined with some other stuff I learned from amazing people I recently got to know (all of these in the context of my advocacy for local music):

Begin with cultivating the love for art.

Why is art important?

  • It takes us to the root of our humanity.
  • Who we are, all else stripped off.
  • Art as an expression.

And then move on to identifying the problems in the industry.

  • But never EVER lose your grip on the love for art.
  • Do it for art. ONLY for art (and thus for yourself, because you love art).
  • Never do it for the purpose of overthrowing the system.
  • Someday, maybe, you’ll be able to find the good in it. Or probably never. Point is, try not to get so frustrated.
  • Always remember what you’re fighting for, not what you’re fighting against.
  • Again, because this is the most important. Do it for ART AND ART ALONE.
  • (All the other perks are just bonuses. Haha. They will keep on coming if you keep on doing what you love.)

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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