Buwan: Disyembre 2013

If dance I must, then dance I will.

“Dance,” said the Sheep Man. “You gotta dance. As long as the music plays. You gotta dance. Don’t even think why. Start to think, your feet stop. Your feet stop, we get stuck. We get stuck, you’re stuck. So don’t pay any mind, no matter how dumb. You gotta keep the step. You gotta limber up. You gotta loosen what you bolted down. You gotta use all you got.

We know you’re tired, tired and scared. Happens to everyone, okay? Just don’t let your feet stop.”

(Murakami, 1994)

All For Love: Pagbangon Gikan sa Dilubyo

Lovely poster c/o Jeah Dominguez and Jiah Margallo

Lovely poster c/o Jeah Dominguez and Jiah Margallo

Since it’s Christmas, and I haven’t blogged for a really long time, I thought of sharing about one of the most beautiful things that happened to me this year. It’s All For Love- a fundraising concert we organized as a way of contributing in our own little way to giving to the survivors of Yolanda.

Here’s an article written by Mina Deocareza of When In Manila about All For Love! 😀