Because maybe, just maybe, 2014 is going to be a great year for local music.

by Rez Toledo (originally published/posted on his Facebook account)

1. It’s 2014, guys. Please don’t push that 90s sounding stuff all over again. I think after a decade or so, it gets a little boring. Taste and rakista arguments aside, let’s all try to be progressive! Why not?

2. For the creators and listeners alike to be daring. Together! Dare to be fresh and new. Dare to be passionate. Dare to discover. And rediscover. I believe somewhere along the way, you lost your sense of genius. You just have to remember where you can find it.

3. For the people to give NEW local music a chance (not “another chance”, that’s cheesy.) The old system has had their time. Just like our Lolo’s and Lola’s, their glory days will never come back. And we respect that. But right now, my metaphor for our new local music is a baby crawling. If you wanna see this baby grow to be as fine as the global music we so choose to idolize, let’s learn to help it get up on its feet, and sooner than later, it will learn how to walk.

4. For radio stations to continue to be more open and at the same time hold their ground in terms of what music they decide to play for their listeners. Also, for radio not to get the blame for not playing enough “OPM”. Like some of us, they too have become quite tired of its vibe and are finding ways to make things better. I am grateful to radio, especially high-end, for maintaining their high standards despite the decline in local music. Trust me, we’ll need that.

5. For the remaining major labels to learn how to take risks, if they still can. And for major companies to support the new innovative music kids. There are less and less of them each year.

6. I wish for some sort of a wide scale local music lockdown to hone our own talents and identities. Just like how Japan and China closed off its borders to the rest of the world when it was under serious cultural threat. A little of this, I believe, can make us really see what’s going on.

7. For industry experts to stop hiding behind closed doors and honestly report what’s going down with the local music industry. Blind positivity is not cool. I’ve heard how bad it is, stop covering it up with short-term band aids. Go beyond business for a while and tell us how we can help rebuild awesome new foundations for the future.

8. For the greater majority of Filipino listeners to start to understand music as MUSIC, and not just as a form of entertainment and pampalipas-oras, gutom at sakit. And for the greater of artists and creators to realize it’s their job to help with this mission.

9. For us to REALLY THINK about these questions: “Why does good music have to be alienated from our notion of local music?” (Rhea Leorag), Bakit nga ba ‘pag maganda, “parang hindi Pinoy?” At kailangan ba talagang “Pinoy ‘yan”, para maganda?

10. For us to learn how use that SHARE button. Sharing can not only mean you LIKE something, it can also mean you see that something as VALUABLE or worth saying something about. (Speak up!) Whether for good or bad, if you can connect/resonate with it and you want it to have a rippling effect from YOU to OTHERS, then share it. If can we can do this for ideas, we can also do it for music.

Happy New Year!

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