On the unfathomable connection of this year’s Career Fair to finding love.

Nope, not unfathomable- not deep. Not deep at all. More like, made-up. And weird. (Today is weird.)

If there’s something I learned, it’s that it never hurts to try. In short, just send your resumes everywhere. Without expecting too much, of course.

(Like love? 🙂 )

Like, send it to companies
a) Up there (You know they’ll never hire you, but what the hell right?)
b) Reachable (At par with your skills. Pretty hard to find.)
c) Back-ups (In my case, corporate.)

Send it everywhere so you’ll have options afterwards.

Nope, not at all like love. 🙂

Because in love, you’re not exactly given a choice. Your heart beats, that’s it. You don’t get to choose whether the person’s from a, b or c (see choices i gave above).

It’s hard when you get someone from a, although you still have the chance to be noticed. Then it gets harder when you’re forced into the ‘friendzone’. You convince yourself that it’s really okay, but it isn’t. But you hold on because you have to, even if you don’t understand. You go on until it hurts so much you can’t take it. You wonder when it all would end. And you realize you really don’t know.

So for now, you hold on.

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