Buwan: Marso 2014

On the Art of Life, and a Life of [/for] Art

Most of the past semester had been preparation for what is to come during my last year in college. Nonetheless, I can say it had been a great academic year. A lot of times I was broken to bits, only to be forced to keep my pieces together just in time for the next requirement/project/event. It was a year of promises- both broken and kept; of accomplishments and shortcomings; of growing up and being a kid once more; of experiencing the happiest of happy, the saddest of sad, and the hurtest of hurt; of finding love in the most hopeless of places. (more…)

Towards More New Beginnings: On The Cohens’ EP Launch

[originally published on LiveOPM.ph: http://liveopm.ph/2014/03/16/thecohenseplaunch/]

by Rhea Leorag

Images: RJ Dimla

2014 is definitely an exciting year for local music.

Listed as one of the Most Anticipated Releases of 2014 in vandalsonthewall.com, The Cohens’ Launch of their self-titled EP last Friday, March 7, at Route 196 Katipunan Avenue, proved to be something that gives people a taste of their contemporary twist to the 60’s feel of their music.