Towards More New Beginnings: On The Cohens’ EP Launch

[originally published on]

by Rhea Leorag

Images: RJ Dimla

2014 is definitely an exciting year for local music.

Listed as one of the Most Anticipated Releases of 2014 in, The Cohens’ Launch of their self-titled EP last Friday, March 7, at Route 196 Katipunan Avenue, proved to be something that gives people a taste of their contemporary twist to the 60’s feel of their music.


The Wants opened the night with their combination of chill, alternative rock, and dance-y tunes. Check out their recently released single over here:


PerkyWasted [], another (sort-of) fresh out of high school band, kept the crowd’s energy up as they performed their tracks including Meta World Peace, Conyo from Ateneo, and Titik-O.


Things just got better and better as the night progressed; with performances from She’s Only Sixteen and Never the Strangers. These two bands performed songs included in their respective albums, as well as some new tracks.



Finally, the EP launchers took centerstage as they played tracks from their EP. Having been through a couple of line-up changes, the band is now composed of Paolo Lim on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ian Invencion on lead guitar, Karl Valdez on bass, and Joe Puyat on drums.


Just almost a year out of high school, The Cohens have truly grown as performers as they showcase their music from school fairs to bar gigs, and hopefully, in the future, in music festivals around the country.


With the number of bar gigs, EP and album launches, concerts and music festivals happening all over the country just less than three months in 2014, we’re in a promising phase for the local music scene. Here’s to hoping there would be more surprises and developments in the coming months, more new and good stuff being released, more people organizing events, more people listening, supporting, and joining in the fun. After all, this is our music, and it’s ours to live.

Sold at 200php, you can still get a copy of The Cohens’ EP by sending a message to any of the band members or their Facebook page. Find them here!

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