Life In Music: A Benefit Gig

A great prod team, an awesome lineup, and a laudable cause. What more can you ask for?

Thursday night was Life in Music night at Route as Docdef Productions and Life in Music PH brought together ten acts (yes, TEN ACTS) in one stage. With as one of the media partners, I got the chance to cover the gig along with two of my co-interns (yay for internship! :3 ).

The show was done for the benefit of Grace to be Born Foundation: a “maternity home and nursery which serves as a temporary shelter for the unwed mothers, rape victims, victims of incest, and the likes, who, instead of aborting their babies, decided to give them a chance to live and to be loved, and an orphanage for the babies who were born or even left there.”


Midnight and Salma were the first two bands for the night. I always find it awesome when I get to watch acts I’ve never seen before, and it was a fun experience watching these two. (I’ve been trying to search them on FB but it’s kinda hard to find them. Maybe next time…) Anyway, Salma’s actually an all-girl band. Later into the night all the members joined a drinking game set up by the hosts. I just forgot who won, but I think that gives me reason to think these girls are cool.


Cheats, as always, was amazing on stage. (I say “as always” even though this is only my second time watching them live. But seriously!!! I look forward to the next one. 🙂 Autotelic came next, an electronic-rock band which has recently become one of my favorite local acts. (You can check out their single “Balik” over here! –> 🙂 )

I liked Farewell Fair Weather‘s vocalist’s hair. Haha! And of course their music was awesome, too! I heard they recently launched their music video for their song, Rough Skies.

Ebe Dancel

Prior to Ebe Dancel‘s set, we took the opportunity to go near the stage. I actually sat on the floor (on the side)… because I just had to. However, sitting on the floor and leaning on the pillar still weren’t enough to prepare me for Ebe’s set. He was too amazing, his voice was too heartbreaking, and the songs are just…. (okay I’m already fangirling I should stop right here). He sang his (relatively) new songs, the single for Rock Supremo, and some Sugarfree songs, too. The last song being Burnout was the dealbreaker for me. He didn’t have to break my heart that much in one set, but he did. 😦

Jensen Gomez

And as if that wasn’t enough good music for one night, Jensen and the Flips came next. I don’t know when I will get tired of these guys’ music, but I’m pretty sure it’s not soon. Or in the next few years. Or in the years after that. (If you wanna get what I’m saying, you can download all their songs for free over here! Hehe. –>


Unfortunately, we had to leave after Jensen’s set. 😦 However, since we live in the modern world, there’s always an avenue to check out music from the remaining bands in the line-up: Triggered Finale, Fiona, and the surprise addition: Jack vs. the Crab!

The night was also filled with games and raffle prizes c/o the organizers. I’ve been to quite a lot of gigs recently, but since I haven’t written about an event in a long while, and it’s not very often you get to go with two Route first-timers (Hi, Nicole and Donna! :3 ), I knew at once that last Thursday night was one for the books!

Disclaimer: I would like to personally apologize for the bad photos… I’m really not a photographer. 🙂 I’d most probably change the photos in this article when my Amplify co-intern posts hers, and then I’ll credit her instead. 🙂

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