Tayo-tayo Lang by Ebe Dancel

“‘Wag ka nang mahiya
Tayo-tayo lang nandito
Sama-sama n’yo akong sabayan

Isang kanta pa ang natitira
‘Wag mo akong iwang mag-isa..”

Director: LJ Lee
Producers: Girlie Rodis, Patricia Hizon
from the Philpop Music Fest album

Music & Lyrics by Toto Sorioso

Heard this one as performed by Mr. Toto Sorioso last Saturday at Grateful Hearts, Greater Love! and even before it ended, I knew I had to share it to the world (social media culture, indeed).

The song recreates a bar gig vibe. It’s 1AM, the last performer nears the end of his set. There are only a few people left in the bar- those who do not have work or school the next day, or simply those who do not care. You can feel  sleep slowly taking over your slightly-sobered consciousness. With just the right mix of alcohol, drowsiness, and crowd intimacy, you let the music wash over you and take you away. It’s the last song, anyway, and after this we go back to our busybody selves.

Apart from being sung by THE Ebe Dancel, this song was written by Mr. Toto Sorioso, a composer that I really look up to.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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