Dear Kuya,

What happens to people when they die? Do their souls actually stay hovering over the earth’s surface, as long as they have a reason to? Or is that really the case. and they are not given a choice in the matter?

Is there really a heaven, where everything is good and happy and full of love? When I die, would I find there the people I loved? What if they didn’t love me back? Would they be there, and will they see me in another perspective?

They say that in heaven, everybody loves everybody. With the multitude of people dead and living, is that even possible? I cannot begin to imagine.

I guess this is partly why God is referred to as IQMCN.

Going back to the topic of death and staying- are you here? Have you been watching over me all along, even if I never got to meet you? Are you even aware of my existence?

Will we ever be together?


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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