Rocky Deleste – Bulag

Kung bulag ang mundo, at ika’y aking isusuyo
May pag-asa kaya ako
Takot lang ako na ika’y mawala
Kaya eto ako, di nagsasalita
Ngunit kung makuha ang lakas ng loob
Ano kayang isasagot mo?

An original by one of the most amazing young artists I know. Seriously speaking, when you find yourself thinking that there’s nothing beautiful left in this life/country/music industry anymore, try immersing yourself in music from the independent scene. (You can simply check out Soundcloud! Or for more exclusive content, there’s Amplify.PH,, Vandals on the Wall, etc. 🙂 )  There’s so much heartwarmingly remarkable talent in there, that there’s simply no reason you could possible find yourself giving up on it. I, for one, don’t think I ever could.

Rocky Deleste is also a loop artist (at least once in your life, you MUST here one of his Ed Sheeran covers), and the vocalist of Ateneo Musicians’ Pool band Hotline.

This particular work of Rocky’s is inspired by another awesome artist, Sir Johnoy Danao. Personally, if you’re just about to begin music-tripping into the Indie scene, I’d suggest starting with his Soundcloud account. Enjoy! 🙂

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