Notes and Stories

by Rhea Leorag

Note: This is actually an academic paper I submitted for my Development of Western Music class under Sir Jonathan Coo last semester, around September 2014. Today, I randomly found it as I rummaged through my files and thought of posting it here. It’s a mix of a feature article and a reflection paper, and was most likely done a day before it was due. Huge thanks to Joshua Cerdenia for accommodating a rush online interview. 🙂

You can check out his music here:

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On the Art of Life, and a Life of [/for] Art

Most of the past semester had been preparation for what is to come during my last year in college. Nonetheless, I can say it had been a great academic year. A lot of times I was broken to bits, only to be forced to keep my pieces together just in time for the next requirement/project/event. It was a year of promises- both broken and kept; of accomplishments and shortcomings; of growing up and being a kid once more; of experiencing the happiest of happy, the saddest of sad, and the hurtest of hurt; of finding love in the most hopeless of places. (more…)

A 4PM Epiphany (To greater things)

The previous sem has been a huge flop for me.

That statement may sound weird to some people, given that I was able to do a lot of things, and it seemed good. I passed my subjects- I made it through the infamous SMEG sem, we were able to put up the Matanglawin website, and well, other feats only people from certain areas of my life would know about. But if you know me well enough, you’d know how bad this sem was for me, and you’d know that I messed it up. Big time. (more…)