Give It

The Out of Body Special – Give It

Ngayon pala ‘yong Komikon 2012. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta. 😦

Anyway, sabi sa comments “MTV days, college days” daw ang kantang ‘to. Sayang naman at ngayon ko lang narinig. Ang galing. πŸ™‚

“You don’t have to earn my love
If I just give it
But if I give it
Girl, will you dig it… ”


Give It

Artist: The Out of Body Special


Nino Avenido – Bass
Diego Beltran – Synth/Percussion
Patrick Co – Guitar
TedMark Cruz – Drums
Enrique De Dios – Keys/Percussion
Garon Honasan – Alto Saxophone
Carlos Magno – Vocals
Martin Veerayah – Guitar

Kinilala sila ng bilang isa sa Asia’s Best Bands. Astig! πŸ˜€

“”The OBS, a brand new flavor/ doing you a favor/ stereotype breaker,” raps front man Carlos “Los” Magno, 23, on the Out of Body Special’s debut album,Β Is Love, released in November 2007. Those are sentiments that have been expressed countless times in an industry where practically every new entrant claims to be offering something new, but with OBS’ compelling fusion of genres (rock, deep funk, soul, R&B, jazz and latin) to back him up, it appears Magno’s boast might have a ring of truth β€” at least in the otherwise predictable world of Asian hip-hop.”,28804,1704856_1704855_1704827,00.html