Hero Mauricio

Where’s The Sheep? – I Will Go


After a pretty long time of not having seen this duo live, I was able to watch them again last Saturday at Grateful Hearts, Greater Love!, and boy, I have never been prouder.

What we watched was no longer just “singer Mike Shimamoto and guitarist Hero Mauricio,” but a band that has found their unique sound as they share God’s grace through their beautiful music.


Merville Youth – I Will Go

“You called me Mine, and now more than ever, it’s time.

And I’ll walk into your presence
Into Your glory God Almighty
And I’ll trust that You’re before me
My fears behind me
I will go.”


Where’s The Sheep? – I Am Home

A song that’s not just good, but also inspiring and enlightening to the soul. (Feeling ko lang mas maganda siyang pakinggan ‘pag English. 🙂 )

Bihira ‘yong mga gan’on. 😀

“Cause you’ve taught me how to hold the sun
And you’ve walked that shore into my arms
And at the end you’ve shown me I am home…”

I Am Home

Artist: Where’s The Sheep?

“Where’s The Sheep? is singer Mike Shimamoto and guitarist Hero Mauricio. The duo is a conduit for praise, worship and inspirational music.”