A Fundraising Concert that was All for Love

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by Mina Deocareza

It was the 6th of December, the night for All for Love: Pagbangon Gikan sa Dilubyo, a fundraising concertfor the benefit of typhoon Yolanda victims.

Route 196’s sign was not that big but that night, the letters and numbers on it screamed.  Their impact was even intensified by the redness and whiteness of its font, standing out against the black background that almost merged with the blackness of the night sky. Below it, there was another sign containing the names of the performers for the night: Johnoy Danao, Mike Shimamoto, She’s Only Sixteen and more.

Route 196


Beyond the Great Wall

by Rhea Leorag

Imelda has been around for more or less three years in the independent music scene. They have competed in band battles, played in various gigs and shows, and within the past six months have released a couple of singles. Now it’s time for Jam Pascual, Diego Manzano, Miguel Feria, Vincci Santiago and Nash Ignacio to take the next step, with their EP set to be released in September.