Taken By Cars – This is Our City

“I’ll be the one who looks at you and says
Why think about the boy who doesn’t even care?
Lost in his life between this road and nowhere…”

This is Our City

Artist: Taken by Cars

Sarah Marco – Vocals
Bryce Zialcita – Guitars
Isa Garcia – Bass/Synths/Vocals
Siopao Chua – Guitars/Synths/Vocals
Bryan Kong – Drums/Synths/Sampler

Album: Dualist (2011)

Mateo Escueta – Keep Me

Dahil marami talagang awesome na mahahanap lalo na kapag kung saan-saan ka naliligaw sa mundo ng Internet. 🙂 Ang ganda nito. ❤

“The way we are is keeping me from loving you.
I’m holding on but I can’t get through to you.
The way we are is keeping me from letting go of you.
My mind is free, but my eyes won’t see…”

(Lyrics available at

Keep Me

Artist: Mateo Escueta

Ciudad – There’s A Lonely Road to Sunday Night

“Anxiety creeping in.
Be strong, don’t fall in.
Heart attack: it will be gone.
If we just get along.”

There’s A Lonely Road to Sunday Night

OST: Ang Nawawala

Artist: Ciudad

Mikey Amistoso (on vocals and bass)

Justin Sunico (guitars and vocals)

Mitch Singson (drums)

Album: Follow the Leader (2012)

This one’s another album (Is that CIUDAD? Yes, Son, It’s me.) released 2003.

“Since their inception, Ciudad has endured several labels to describe the band and their music. Among others, they’ve been called ‘geek rock’ or ‘nerd pop’ by both the media and their fans. But now, after more than a decade together, the group is recognized for just being one of the best and most distinctive musical acts in the Philippines.”

Techy Romantics – Dance Like Lightning

Unang araw ng legit na sembreak. Yeah.

“Do you remember
We were 18
On the dancefloor
And we didn’t give a damn”

Dance Like Lightning

Artist: Techy Romantics

Album: Touch (2009)

“Techy Romantics started out as an idea by Dondi Virrey. Coming across a beautiful invite in the internet, He thought that the name Techy Romantics, exactly describes what kind of music he wanted to create… electronic and sensitive… yeah right 🙂 Then the journey began, he registered the name in (around April 2008) and jammed with Camyl Besinga and Ryan Villena, which apparently became the present line up of Techy Romantics. The three had chemistry and were very comfortable with the process. The songs simply flowed as they explored music together. Its been fun and its going to be more fun.”

Paramita – Hiling

“Gaano man kasakit sa akin
Ibibigay sa yo
Ang tanging pakiusap lang
Wag mo akong kalimutan..”



Artist: Paramita 

“The three bodhisattvas who comprise Paramita are on
the right path. Named after Tibetan Buddhism’s mantra
for perfection, independent pop rock act Paramita has
been pumping up the local music scene with their
stirring originals since 2003. Paramita is made up of
Norman Dellosa on guitars, Alsey Cortez on bass, and
Ria Bautista on drums and vocals. ”



She’s Only Sixteen – Dying to Meet You

“I’m singing this song in hopes that we’ll be
Holding hands again
No need to pretend
That time will help us mend..
I love you till the end..”

Dying to Meet You

Artist: She’s Only Sixteen

  • Roberto Sena (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Anjo Silvoza (bass)
  • Andrew Panopio (guitar)
  • King Puentespina

“Status Magazine hailed the promising band She’s Only Sixteen as one of the five Filipino bands one should know because of their distinct sound. The band, composed of Roberto Sena (lead vocals, guitar), Anjo Silvoza (bass), Andrew Panopio (guitar), and King Puentespina (drums), is all set to release their debut single Dying To Meet You, under Orion Entertainment and distributed by Universal Records.

She’s Only Sixteen takes pride in fusing the European “indie” feel to OPM, and this is evident in Dying To Meet You, which is available for download on”