Hello June

It hurts when people, especially my friends, cringe when I mention the word “OPM.” They start thinking, “Oh here we go again…”

I get it, I can’t just persuade people to love the same things that I do, but to listen to me talking about something that keeps me alive, even for a couple of minutes… is it really that hard?

I know, I know. My bad. I’m sorry. I guess it’s my responsibility to find the right people whom I can talk to when I want to “babble” about OPM stuff. It’s just… there aren’t many.

Anyway, like I said. I love OPM. I love our local music. And I will continue loving it and supporting it and uplifting it and babbling about it and sharing the music. Because. I. Want. To. Even when no one wants to listen anymore.

So hello there, it’s June 1 and it’s been months since the last time I blogged. I’ll try my best to get back on blogging- sharing music and writing about random stuff. Writing keeps me alive. More than ever. (Well, along with a lot of things.) Most probably, I won’t be able to make it a daily habit, or even weekly. But I will be here, writing.

Not expecting anyone to be reading. But still writing.

Jensen Gomez- Umpisa

Oh hello there, June. 🙂

Hindi ko man kayang bumalik sa umpisa, kaya kong magsimula ng panibago. Tungo sa mas magaganda pang mga bagay na naghihintay.



“Mangangarap na lamang ba na mahagkan ka…
O may pag-asa pa na bumalik tayo sa umpisa?”


Artist: Jensen Gomez