Mateo Escueta

Mateo Escueta – Keep Me (live in Route 196)

Anj Florendo EP Launch
Route 196

David Lina on drums, Joshua Blay and Nico Nuñez on guitars and Andrew De Pano on bass and back-up vocals. (more…)

Mateo Escueta – In My Head

Bagong-bagong demo mula kay Mateo Escueta. Hinihintay na namin ang EP! 😀


“Starting to believe I’m never going to get to you.
Then again I knew what I was going to get into.
I let the silence speak as you see straight through the pieces,
To find the truth upon these dusty pages…”

(“Dart sa heart na naman!” <- Not my expression, narinig ko lang. 🙂 )


In My Head

Artist: Mateo Escueta

Mateo Escueta – Keep Me

Dahil marami talagang awesome na mahahanap lalo na kapag kung saan-saan ka naliligaw sa mundo ng Internet. 🙂 Ang ganda nito. ❤

“The way we are is keeping me from loving you.
I’m holding on but I can’t get through to you.
The way we are is keeping me from letting go of you.
My mind is free, but my eyes won’t see…”

(Lyrics available at

Keep Me

Artist: Mateo Escueta