Notes and Stories

by Rhea Leorag

Note: This is actually an academic paper I submitted for my Development of Western Music class under Sir Jonathan Coo last semester, around September 2014. Today, I randomly found it as I rummaged through my files and thought of posting it here. It’s a mix of a feature article and a reflection paper, and was most likely done a day before it was due. Huge thanks to Joshua Cerdenia for accommodating a rush online interview. 🙂

You can check out his music here:

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Knowing What to Fight For (Or Why I Haven’t Said Anything About the Scrap-Pork-Barrel Issues)

I was walking home from school when I had an idea. I continued to ponder on it as I walked on. I wanted to write about it so badly I was half-running just to reach the dorm and begin typing. Unfortunately as I began the piece, my thoughts got clouded and the idea slowly slipped away. I wish I ran faster. Anyway, this is a futile attempt at catching what was left of it. Somehow I know that the points are still there, but some words, or some paragraph construction I probably got wrong. Still, I’m posting this here to remind myself that next time I get an idea, I should flop down the nearest bench and start writing.

Also this was supposed to be posted last Thursday.