Pop Culture

Gloc-9 feat. Ebe Dancel – Sirena

‘Yong totoo. ANG GALING NITO. 😥

“Dram na may tubig ang sinisisid
Naglalakihang mga braso, saki’y dumidikdik
Dram na may tubig ang sinisisid
Sa patagalan ng paghinga, sa’kin kayo ay bibilib…”


Artist: Gloc-9 feat. Ebe Dancel

Album: MKNM (Mga Kuwento ng Makata) 2012

“Only the removed from Pinoy pop culture, only the elitist, maybe the ones who don’t listen to local radio, or even browse through the OPM section of the record store, would not know Gloc-9. Or maybe you’re one of those who’d rather not hear about the state of the nation, especially because its tragedies and poverties are a pointed finger at you.”