Andreia – Kultura

“Hindi na tayo susunod sa daloy ng kultura
Nasaan na ang mga posturang makata?

Isigaw mo sa buong mundo
Ikaw ay hindi uurong
Tumindig at imulat ang iyong mga mata
At sa Diyos ang tinig, at wala nang iba

Tumalon sa kabilang dako ng ilog
Tumakbo patungo sa iyong paraiso
At diringgin…”

Astig na lyrics, astig na music, astig na banda. You definitely should see them live. \m/




Sugarfree- Makita Kang Muli

“Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pag-ibig
Maghintay ka lamang ako’y darating..”

Makita Kang Muli

OST- Ang Panday (ABS-CBN)

Artist: Sugarfree (Ebe Dancel (vocals/guitars), Jal Taguibao (bass/back-up vocals) and Kaka Quisimbing (drums) )

This is the best Sugarfree music stream I can find with the absence of FB accounts and whatnot since the band disbanded in 2011.

The band’s vocalist, Ebe Dancel, currently leads a solo career.

Also, last April, ‘Sa Wakas, A New Pinoy Rock Musical’ featuring the songs of Sugarfree was staged in PETA. Maybe I’ll write about it soon. In the mean time, here’s their Facebook page:

End Goliath- Quick Fix

“Give me a reason not to make a fool out of myself
Give me a reason, no, not to give in
Just reach for the nearest lips, it’s a quick fix, but it’ll get you through tonight
Do you really want me? Cause I can get you through tonight…”

Quick Fix

Artist: End Goliath

(David Tan, Dan Quiaoit, Sam Wijangco, RJ Dimla, Raf Marquez)

Save Me Hollywood – We Are One Tonight

“I’m not the same well now I’ve changed
I’m ready for this
You think I can’t? Well you thought wrong.
I’m born for this
I’m breathing it out, breathing it in
Not giving up, not giving in…”

We Are One Tonight

Artist: Save Me Hollywood

Juliann Savard – Vocals
Aaron Corvera – Guitars
Kenneth Aranza – Guitars
Carlos Calderon – Bass
Melvin Macatiag – Drums


Taken By Cars – This is Our City

“I’ll be the one who looks at you and says
Why think about the boy who doesn’t even care?
Lost in his life between this road and nowhere…”

This is Our City

Artist: Taken by Cars

Sarah Marco – Vocals
Bryce Zialcita – Guitars
Isa Garcia – Bass/Synths/Vocals
Siopao Chua – Guitars/Synths/Vocals
Bryan Kong – Drums/Synths/Sampler

Album: Dualist (2011)

Ciudad – There’s A Lonely Road to Sunday Night

“Anxiety creeping in.
Be strong, don’t fall in.
Heart attack: it will be gone.
If we just get along.”

There’s A Lonely Road to Sunday Night

OST: Ang Nawawala

Artist: Ciudad

Mikey Amistoso (on vocals and bass)

Justin Sunico (guitars and vocals)

Mitch Singson (drums)

Album: Follow the Leader (2012)

This one’s another album (Is that CIUDAD? Yes, Son, It’s me.) released 2003.

“Since their inception, Ciudad has endured several labels to describe the band and their music. Among others, they’ve been called ‘geek rock’ or ‘nerd pop’ by both the media and their fans. But now, after more than a decade together, the group is recognized for just being one of the best and most distinctive musical acts in the Philippines.”