Rocky Deleste – Bulag

Kung bulag ang mundo, at ika’y aking isusuyo
May pag-asa kaya ako
Takot lang ako na ika’y mawala
Kaya eto ako, di nagsasalita
Ngunit kung makuha ang lakas ng loob
Ano kayang isasagot mo?


Kai Honasan – Go

You only wear fancy shoes
Only play guitar blues
The only guy I know who hates radio

Why don’t you do me a favor
Say you’ll see me much later…

You’ve got a lot of nerve to say that to my face
You’ve got a lot of nerve to put me in my place
When all that you do is stand there and look cool
Like you’re the funnest guy you know
It would make my world to be the girl to tell you
Just go


End Goliath- Quick Fix

“Give me a reason not to make a fool out of myself
Give me a reason, no, not to give in
Just reach for the nearest lips, it’s a quick fix, but it’ll get you through tonight
Do you really want me? Cause I can get you through tonight…”

Quick Fix

Artist: End Goliath

(David Tan, Dan Quiaoit, Sam Wijangco, RJ Dimla, Raf Marquez)

DancePlayCreate- That’s What She Said

“You said you never wanted anything more than this
And I said I never wanted this more than anything…”

That’s What She Said

Artist: DancePlayCreate

Eric Trono – Vocals
Bryan Moya – Vocals/Guitar
Matthew Azada – Vocals/Guitar
Richard del Rosario – Bass
Timothy Odulio – Drums

Mateo Escueta – In My Head

Bagong-bagong demo mula kay Mateo Escueta. Hinihintay na namin ang EP! 😀


“Starting to believe I’m never going to get to you.
Then again I knew what I was going to get into.
I let the silence speak as you see straight through the pieces,
To find the truth upon these dusty pages…”

(“Dart sa heart na naman!” <- Not my expression, narinig ko lang. 🙂 )


In My Head

Artist: Mateo Escueta